Monday, 31 October 2011

Now the children have all gone to bed...

...well you didn't really think I'd miss the chance for a really scary one on Hallowe'en did you? Especially when there are two challenges asking for houses!! How could I resist a haunted house? Well, I couldn't Mwwwaaaahhhhaaaaahhhhaaaaaa *Maniacal laughter*

There are way too many pics, so why not pour yourself a glass while you're waiting for it to load... and if you are easily offended, please look away now and come back another day ;-)

"Haunted house"

[House cut from Tim Holtz' grungy cardstock. Well whose else could it be?]


[The "blood" is really a deep red gritty embossing powder with lots of splatters!]

"Shingle roof"

[Small pieces of cardstock stuck on as individual shingles.]


[Characters from the "Lost and Found" paper pack are peeping out from the windows.]

"First corner view"

We're moving around the corner a little here... what's that in the doorway??


Aaarrgghhh - a Graphics Fairy severed foot!!

"End of house"

Eeeewww, a severed hand on the doorknob and another reaching into the window!

"Severed hand"

Oh no, that one seems to be grasping a smaller hand on the inside of the house!

"Through the keyhole"

We look through the doorway, but it's too dark to make out the inside properly [the inside of the walls are decorated with more Tim Holtz people and perspectives from the Graphics Fairy, but they won't come out with the camera - boo hoo!]. Let's move on...

"Second corner view"

Oh no, it's getting worse...

"Side view" that a gggggrrrraveyard??? *shakes with fear*

"Pet Semetary - R.I.P Spot""

No worse, it's a "Pet Sematary" aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh

[aside: I love horror novels. "Pet Sematary" by Stephen King is the only horror story I've ever read that scared me! - and yes, it's supposed to be spelt like that :)]


Noooo, spiders... [drawn]


...and ants!  [stamped]

"Hands on the roof"

Those hands are trying to get into the house by prising the shingles loose - looks like it's working.

"Eye eye"

Yuck, there's a disembodied eye peeping out from behind that window, and blood running down the frame from the hands on the roof.

"Hand behind gravestone"

Another hand appears to be clawing it's way out of the grave.

[The "mud" around and on the gravestones is actually lots of brown embossing powder. Overheating it leads to a grey colour which looks great on the front of the gravestones]

"Third corner view"

For the first time, we get a glimpse of the word written in blood on the last wall.


Well, I guess that's all the guy managed to write before he was stuffed upside down into the chimney...

"Feet in the chimney" least, I think it's a guy. Not so easy to tell just looking at the feet.

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  1. Maddy this is INCREDIBLE. I love all the detail and all the little "bits". The blood looks amazing. A proper scary house. This really is fantastic. I love it. Most definitely my favourite Halloween Project Ive seen. Lee xx

  2. This is just WILD! Couldn't be more creepy or COOL! Love, love, LOVE!!! Thanks for joining the minions this week at HDH! (Could you leave a little link to us on your post? thanks so much!) Happy Halloween! xxD

  3. What a great, spooky Halloween project! I love all the small details - great job! The Design Team are really pleased that you joined us for the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge this week - Thank you!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! There was a lot of thought that went into this macabre Halloween House! It's wonderful. So many little details! Thanks for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge. <3 Candy

  5. Oh, what a wonderful house! You mention the Graphics Fairy foot image, but what I love most is all the scary hands. Would you be kind enough to tell me where to get those hand images? I would be very appreciative!
    Thanks for a glimpse at this project.

  6. This is fantastic, it is easy to see how much work and effort you have put into this. I love it.
    Becky x

  7. WOW!!! I felt like I was watching a Halloween slideshow!! Great photos! Your use of the body parts on this is fabulous!! A very scary scene!! : )

    Thanks so much for entering the Simon Says Stamp & Show Challenge!!!


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  8. Thanks for all the encouraging comments! For the "anonymous" person, the hands come from the Graphics Fairy too.

  9. Wow, wow and wow, This is amazing. Can't say I love it .............. cause I don't do scary, but this is truly inspriational. you are one talented lady. xx

  10. This is amazing! I really love this. Yesterday, I wanted to leave a comment but I was too tired to write English (I still haven't fixed my last minute blog post so that there still tons of writing errors to find;-). But I am sure that this strange dream I had last night - all about zombies and haunted houses - was caused by your project - at least a very little bit ;-)
    Your house has so many details, I especially love the Pet Samatary and all the blood.


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