Monday, 10 October 2011

Not too scary - another Hallowe'en tunnel card

Just a quickie this evening. I made this "not too scary" Hallowe'en card for my m-i-l. The cat looks so like our little one, I just love it! The image is from the Graphics Fairy, and the other embellishments are from a pack of stickers I bought in a Supermarket last year. mil wants me to add a nose :)

"Not too scary Hallowe'en tunnel card"

Sleep well and I'll upload a scary one tomorrow :)


  1. Oh I think its perfect, it doesnt need a nose. Its looks really brilliant. Im all excited about Friday too. Ive been saving my pennies (literally) from the last fair so I cant wait to spend some money, lol. I'll pm you about Friday. Lee x

  2. Lovely card love the puddy cat. Alison xxx

  3. Very cute! I am always partial to anything featuring a black cat.

  4. O I love this card, the lil kitty is sweet! X


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