Monday, 3 October 2011

It's all relative - an Alice Project

Lewis Carroll was a wonderful mathematician and "Alice in Wonderland" is full of Maths if you know where to look. This project is all about "Relative" versus "Absolute".

"It's all relative - an Alice project"

It's all a matter of perspective. If you look at things from Alice's perspective she gets bigger...

"Did Alice Grow?"

The front and inside are both frames with lettering from a Tim Holtz' alphabet strip die, and a vintage Alice picture behind.. (Notice the 3d effect on the lettering from using two sets of letters in gold and black). The images today are all free and from the Magic Moonlight blog. The front image is pre-coloured, and the inside one is hand-coloured to match with promarkers.

"Or the Room Shrink?"

It's all a matter of perspective. Looked at from outside the room, the same effect can be achieved by shrinking the room. Until the rabbit turns up again! Has he shrunk too??

"Bottle detail showing shrink plastic butterflies"

I couldn't resist altering a bottle to match this project. The outside is coloured with Adirondack alcohol inks, then covered with some mesh. The butterflies are from shrink plastic, embossed with Cosmic Shimmer gold embossing powder, and decorated with tiny gems.

"Bottle detail showing bottle top"

The cap was decorated with matching gems. It's supposed to resemble a crown, but I'm not sure how successful this is!

"Drink Me Tag"

Finally, the tag was kraft cardstock (thanks Lee!), decorated with resist technique stamped clocks and coloured with distress inks, lace and more of the die cut Tim Holtz lettering.

So there you have it. Alice grows relative to the room (or the room shrinks relative to Alice). Who knows the truth? Only the outside observer...except does observing change the truth? But that's another story...


  1. Love, Love, Love it all. Absolutely brilliant. Love the mesh on the bottle. L have some of that knocking about,I need to get it out and have a wee play with it. I have a wee envelope ready for you so I'll get it posted today or tomorrow. Lee xx

  2. What a wonderfully geeky project, Izzwizz!! I love it. There's a geeks group on the Ravelry forum where similar things come up, and people design moebius scarves and count in binary. Can't resist asking - What's In The Bottle??? Lol!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - so glad you like my grungey clocks mirror! Moulding is the greatest fun, especially with Friendly Plastic pellets - that was the most fun afternoon I've had for ages. Definitely put in a request for Christmas presents!!

    Have a great week.

  3. Thanks Lee and Shoshi, I really appreciate your comments. Shoshi - I love the idea of the mobius scarf (will have to make one of these now!!), but the Geeks might be more impressed if I had altered a Klein bottle :)

  4. Thanks for your next lovely comment on my blog Maddy! A Klein bottle - yes!! That would be a challenge to design, especially in knitting. There's a fun knitted hat on the Ravelry group which looks like a brain, so you can go round showing off how brainy and geeky you are. Not sure I'd have the courage to wear it though, given how brainfogged I am these days! Perhaps if I knitted it in mohair...

    Nice to know you are familiar with our neck of the woods. We make occasional sallies down into Cornwall - there are some pictures on my blog of a recent visit to SE Cornwall which is fairly unexplored by tourists. I did a video slideshow of that trip. For a wonderful interpretation of the essence of Cornwall in art, take a look at Carolyn Saxby's blog - I follow her. (Link on my blog.) She's absolutely awesome.

    My mum makes sloe gin and I love it! I bet damson vodka has a bit of a kick. Enough to make any room shrink, I should think!!!

  5. Wow, what a fantastic project. Gorgeous. Absolutely love it. x


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