Saturday, 1 October 2011

Horrible Hallowe'en - a tunnel card in pictures

It's October, so it must be time for a Hallowe'en card! First up in our perfectly putrid plethora of horrible Hallowe'en h h h... oh, I give up - this illiteration is harder than it looks! Anyway, here's a card:

"Hallowe'en Tunnel Card"

This card is made up from two pieces of black card and one piece of acetate, cut as described in my blog "Tunnel Cards 1".

"Two pieces of card, one piece of acetate"

It's hard to see the acetate, but it's there on the right hand side if you look closely! Next, make the image for the back of the tunnel:

"Image for back of card showing decoupaged layers"

The vintage castle image from the Graphics Fairy's blog was printed five times and cut into layers, then decoupaged using Pinflair glue gel to give a 3-dimensional look.

"Image glued into place in back of card"

The decoupaged castle image is glued into the back of the card using PVA.

"Card with acetate layer added"

The acetate layer is then glued with the acetate edges facing downwards within the edges of the back card.
Just the edges are glued using PVA, which dries clear.

"Card with acetate layer showing embellishments"

It's easier to add embellishments to the acetate layer before gluing the top card layer in place. The images were all free and taken from the Magic Moonlight blog and the Graphics Fairy blog.  The smaller bat on the bottom layer helps with the depth illusion.

"Card with top layer added"

The top layer of card with the aperture is added, with the edges glued around the card of the bottom layer, holding everything in place.

"Top of card showing the three layers glued in place"

Finally, embellishments are added to the top layer. I've gone completely over the top with bats, skeletons and a bat lady, and the finished version even has some cobwebs drawn on with a white gel pen.

"Finished card showing left hand side"

Even the sides have been decorated.

"Finished card showing right hand side"

Well, you couldn't have Hallowe'en without a black cat...

Scary, huh?

Entered for the following challenge: (prize is a fab Tim Holtz configurations box!)


  1. Great card - perfect for halloween. xxx

  2. Scary..... Love the card. xx

  3. Fabulous - I've never seen a bat cave effect card before!

  4. Although I'm not at all into Halloween, I think this is an amazing project. I love the 3-D effects you've got with the decoupage and layering - I love the use of acetate in projects. Thanks for your awesome comments on my blog! So glad you liked my beehive project. The "bee movies" was my favourite, too! I've now got to think up a suitable "bee" project as a Christmas present for that same friend... A tough act to follow, I think. I've just uploaded a blog post about the grunge project I worked on yesterday - some shrink plastic gear wheels, if you want to hop over and take a look! Have a great weekend.

  5. Brilliant card, very effective ! x

  6. Wow great card thanks for sharing how you nmade it

  7. wow super card very spooky ... and thank you for the tutorial ... just doing a bit of blog hopping happy crafting and love sandy xx

  8. Hi Maddy, thanks for your great comment on my blog! Actually although it's more messy, I do like embossing before shrinking because it concentrates the powder so much. I've seen some amazing ones done with black embossing powder in this way on Youtube. Gilded butterflies sound fun. Also your Chinese bees - look forward to seeing what you do with those! I look at everything these days and ask myself "Would it make a mould?" Lol! I worked on my steampunk project this p.m. and made some sections of a Tim Holtz clock face in shrink plastic the same way as the gears, and they came out quite well. I also alcohol inked some embossed metal (an old drinks can) and put some patina rub'n buff on some of the Friendly Plastic bits I made the other day. Coming together quite nicely!

    I've just noticed what your black kitty is doing in that photo. They say that whoever controls the TV zapper rules the house. Well, we all know about kitties, don't we.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  9. Great card and thank you for the stage by stage...very clear to understand. I had wondered how these are made.

  10. Maddy you are amazing at doing these tunnel cards, and thanks for showing detailed photos too. Its an amazing project. And its great to see a Halloween project too.....after all its closer to that than a certain other holiday thats taking over, heehee. Aww I love that photo of lucky, so cute. Lee xx

  11. That card is fab and just love the halloween theme. Puss looks very comfy xxx

  12. What an amazing card. Absolutely stunning. Must have a go at these tunnel cards. Yours are just out of this world.

    The cat is lovely. ? Do his opposable thumbs work the remote? Hugs Lisa x

  13. Wow, what a huge amount of work went into this amazing card! You must have incredible patience!

    xx Jill B

  14. Awesome card! I am planning a Halloween card featuring a castle too, but yours has me beat! I am going to have to try making a 3D card soon, your cards look so nice.

  15. Wow I love this, well done! What a cute cat too! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog this weekend :-) Elaine-xxx-

  16. Can you please email me at as you have won our October Challenge on


  17. well done in winning what a fab card :)


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