Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ribbon Storage

My best friend Lee aka Craftyloops saw me drooling over the Kaisercraft ribbon storage at the Belfast Craft Fair last year and bought me one for Christmas. Thank you so much Lee, it was a lovely surprise! I have finally got around to decorating it. I used the Graphic45 Birdsong papers so it would match my ink pad box because I have a feeling this will be living on my desk :-)

"Kaisercraft Ribbon Storage"

"Rear View"

"It's So Pretty :-)"

While I'm sharing this project, I thought you might like to see some of my other ribbon storage methods.
"Boxes of Reels"

Ribbons on similar sized spools or reels are stored in tailor-made cardboard boxes. Some day I'll get around to decorating them!
"Boxes of Bags"

Shorter lengths are collected togather in bags of similar colours and stored in boxes. I use a lot of these CD / DVD boxes for storage - they sit neatly on bookshelves.


  1. So fine to see how it is possible to storage all the ribbons you use. Then you also can use some of the smaller pieces of paper you have to make it fine to look at. I wish you a fine day.

  2. Fantastic storage for ribbons mine are on the spool still and then they are thread onto a bamboo cane from the garden and hung between shelves so I can just pull off what I need. Love Alison x

  3. Wow Maddy, you did an awesome job on the ribbon box. I love your wee ribbon reel boxes too. Ribbons have to be one of the hardest things to I think anyway, lol. I just saw a tonne of cards above, so I'm off to have a nosey. Lee xx


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