Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shaker Holographic Reindeer

Shaker cards and reindeer are two of my favourite things, so what better than a shaker reindeer card?


I had been diecutting Spellbinders reindeer one day, when I thought this bit of left-over card would make a great frame for a shaker card. I added some acetate and a ring of foam tape, filled it with "sparkles" (seed beads, sequins, etc.), and Bob's your uncle! Well, not really. Bob isn't really my uncle, it's just another one of those expressions. Don't know where that one's from though, guess you could go look it up on Wikipedia. Somebody has probably written it up. Wait, I'll go and look...
looking it up... oh yes here it is lol! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob%27s_your_uncle Have a good day everyone. Maddy x


  1. Gorgeous card Maddy so pretty I need to get me a reindeer die. Love Alison xx

  2. Fabulous card Maddy, such a great design and I love the reindeer.
    I do in fact have an Uncle called Bob!
    Sue xx

  3. I have a brother-in law called Bob - does that count?! Seriously, whenever I make a shaker card (and I love them, and snow globes..) my shake-y bits always stick to the side of the foam pads. What am I doing wrong?
    Needless to say, I really like this card
    Sue of Worcester


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