Monday, 28 October 2013

Remember the shaving foam?...

Do you remember the shaving foam backgrounds we made a couple of months ago? Well, here's what I did with one of them...


A friend on Docrafts sent me a few of these diecuts, and I thought this silver sparkly one would go perfectly with the image of the ice-skater (another magazine freebie). The colouring is done with picket fence distress marker and promarkers. A great secret of the shaving foam printing technique is that it leaves the cardstock beautifully coated for colouring (well, it was my secret until I let the cat out of the bag!). Just had a thought, I have a lot of European readers on my blog (hello!). I want you to know that I do not under any circumstances condone keeping cats in bags. And I'm not going to go into the origins of the expression, which have to do with corporal punishment on board the old sailing ships, that'll just confuse things even more :-))

Anyway, I digress. There'll be a few more cards with shaving foam backgrounds along this Christmas journey. I hope you've all survived the storm in England. Maddy x


  1. Indeed I do remember Maddy, want to have a play now as love the effects you created here.

    No worries on Allsorts will sort it.

    I use an E.bosser and Big Shot Express, both electronic. I did buy a BS Pro, but that now resides happily with Sally as it was too heavy for me and I was unable to turn the handle properly.

    B x

  2. I like this card, especially the snowflake border

  3. Love it, Maddy! gorgeous colours and perfect image to go with it. I use shaving foam and food colouring with my class each year. So much easier than real marbling! I also love the way it leaves the paper slightly scented too. Your post made me laugh. Cats in bags, swinging cats - those sailors have a lot to answer for, lol! Takes me back to when I made toad in the hole for a friend's new Japanese wife...

  4. Maddy wonderful card will have to have a go using Alan's shaving foam just as well he's grown a beard (yuck) will I be able to find a tutorial on you tube do you think. Love Alison xx


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