Sunday, 21 September 2014

Small frame

This small frame is decorated with diecuts, paper flowers, paperclay embellishments  and texture paste, covered with a couple of coats of good quality gesso, then sprayed with water-based inks to decorate.

The inner scene is stamped with a Heartfelt Creations stamp, coloured and set into the matching Chateau Gate die. Bricks are added to the scene by pushing texture paste through a stencil and allowing to dry before inking. I added a thin wash of gesso over the scene to tone it all down to match the frame.


Sorry for the washed-out photos. The pictures came out too dark and I tried to rememdy by increasing the brightness. I'm finding photography a bit challenging with the deterioration in my eyesight, I'm not too sure what I've snapped until I see it on the big computer screen, but I'm learning. Next time this happens, I'll take the photos again :-)


  1. That is stunning, Maddy! Wow! makes me think of delicate china figurines! Gorgeous colouring and design x

  2. That's an amazing frame, fabulous texture.


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