Friday, 6 December 2013

Peppermint Candy Memories

One of my earliest Christmas memories is waking up to find Father Christmas had been in the night and left me some presents, the only one of which I can remember is a stripy plastic cane full of sweets. This wonderful sheet of background paper just brought all the memories flooding back. I paired it up with all the bits of matching stash I could find to come up with this set of cards...

"Peppermint Candy"

The red and white ribbons reflect the red and white stripes of the candy, and did you notice the stickpins...?


I found these cute candy beads ion my local craft store!

"Gingerbread man"

I added a couple of red pearls to this gingerbread man chipboard. Making these with my Nan, we always added currants for buttons and eyes.


Cocoa is a good winter drink, don't you think? I thought the colours on this robin matched the cocoa chipboard, although the robin was from a completely different set.

"More Peppermint Candy"

A few small diecuts decorate the front of this colourful card.


This old father Christmas is from my tin of cake decorations and has seen better days, but he's perfect for the front of this vintage-themed card.

You might notice that none of these cards actually mentions the word "Christmas"!

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  1. Gorgeous cards as usual, bringing back lots of childhood memories. Love Alison xxx


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