Tuesday 7 May 2013

Tuesday Technique - Gilding an embossed image

You may have noticed  all the metallic-looking embossed covers I've been using lately. Today I thought we'd have a look at the very simple technique used to create them.

1. Start off with a piece of black card cut to size and emboss using an embossing folder and roller-type machine.

2. Choose a colour of gilding wax and gently rub onto a raised area, picking out an aspect of the design.

3. Colour similar parts of the design with the same colour

4. Continue until you have completed a section.

3. Repeat steps 2-4 using a different colour of gilding wax.

4. Rub some gold gilding wax around the outside of the card to create a frame.

5. Buff any excess wax with some kitchen roll, and here's the pair of covers from yesterday! It's hard to show the metallic shine from this technique in the photographs, but you should get the general idea. I stick them down with a layer of PVA to the patterned side of recycled dog food boxes to make good thick covers.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow to see one of my weird and wonderful creations made using this technique! Have a great day everyone. Maddy x

cardstock: black 220gsm
gilding waxes: Creative Expressions patina & enchanted gold
Embossing folder: M-Bossabilities Tweets & Twigs


  1. Maddy...this is so cool. Love your tutorial. Also...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a post about Tim's Noteworthy Blog list. I am still in shock...but so pleased and excited. Thanks for being happy for me. That means alot! <3 Candy

  2. It just so happens I bought three pots of that last week and it's sat in my craft room with me wondering what on earth I will use it for. Problem solved so thank you Maddy.

    B x

  3. Hi Maddy, Just got round to having a look at your blog. Your cards and tutorial are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you in the shop again. May, Gemini Crafts xx

  4. Fantastic technique Maddy I just spotted the oriental notebook below, so I'm off for a nosey. Oh one question though Misses, how come you have a "Reply" button on your comments so you can answer comments? I'm trying to work out how to get that on my comments section and can't find it. Someone asked me a question but their blog is private, so I can't reply to them. So I'm hopelessly trying to get the "reply" button under my comments, to no avail. Help!! Lee x

  5. I love the look of gilded metal...this is awesome! Great embossed design too...haven't seen this one before!

  6. fab idea. thanks for sharing x


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