Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The swallows are back!

We've had some lovely April weather here in Northern Ireland, and today I have just seen the first swallows to arrive back for the Summer. I thought you might like to see an acrylic painting on canvas...


Summer will arrive soon 😀


  1. Yes this is spring when the swallows are coming back. So good to see something from you again. Hope everything is OK.

  2. Ok I commented on this a couple of days ago but for some reason it is not here, so here I am again, lol. I am so glad you have decided to show your amazing paintings Maddy, they really are exceptional. I didn't get to the craft fair....boohoo....but at least I ended up saving a good few pennies by not going, lol. My Mammy would call me "Polly Anna" now, always seeing a bright side to every bad situation, teehee. Hope to see more of your artwork up here Maddy, its all beautiful. Lee xx


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