Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Kanban bird topper pop-out cards

A friend from Docrafts sent me some of these bird toppers from Kanban. They are just beautiful and deserved some special cards. The first two are pop-out cards, made by diecutting half a square into the front of a card blank.


I love to use birds on my cards, well any sort of nature really. Our swallows are back on the farm busy building nests and it's such fun to see them swooping and diving winding up our cat, but to see a wren is very special. Such tiny, shy birds, they only come out from their hedges when we are very quiet although occasionally I might catch sight of one from a window.

"Blue Tit"

Many years ago, my Nan had a garden full of wildlife. She always had a blue tit box set up on a fence near the kitchen window where she could see the birds popping in and out of the hole while she washed clothes (before the days of washing machines) and cooked meals. She would hang tiny bacon scraps in the trees and any spare bread would go out to the bird table or barious feeders that were hung about the place. So we too have always had a blue tit box. Actually, I think we have half a dozen or more now! And there are boxes for robins, etc. Even a bat box or two. There's always plenty of food for the birds when you keep free range hens, so a lot of our small birds resemble flying tennis balls they are so rotund! I hope you'll pop back tomorrow to see another bird card. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the cards flattened out to show the construction...




  1. I agree with you - these Cards are really special. I have never tried this form cut-out-Cards but I will look at your photoes and try it later.

  2. Beautiful card ....just love the image and the design...Joolsx

  3. Wow, wow, wow! What beautiful cards and gorgeous Birds! You have really done those beautiful prints justice. Glad someone else has rotund birds too - we get woodpigeons that I seriously wonder if they will ever fly again. Maybe having hens would scare them off?!


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